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In these times of financial uncertainty there's never been a better time to take positive action towards reducing your electricity consumption. With energy prices rising to record levels, small changes in use can make a big difference to your bills. With our specialist reviews and advice on wireless energy monitors, direct replacement LED spotlights, lamps and bulbs, plus the latest energy saving gadgets and eco-gizmos, you'll find it easy to cut consumption and save money.

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We feature and review the best products available and provide tools to make choosing which model to buy easy.  You can be certain of finding the right product at the most competitive price with electricity-monitor.com!

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It's easy to cut your electricity bills if you know how much you're using...

Since 2006, wireless home electricity monitors have been championed by TV programmes such as BBC's Panorama, Newsnight, BBC News 24's Click, C4's It's Not Easy Being Green etc.

They provide critical and continuous information about how much electricity is being used in the home so that you can adopt new energy saving habits to reduce the household consumption of electricity. These convenient and easy to use monitors instantly show you:

  • Exactly how much electricity you are using
  • How much it is costing you in pence per hour
  • How much harmful CO2 your household contributes to the greenhouse effect

We test and review all wireless energy monitors as they appear in the UK, with shopping links to the best online prices.  Find detailed information on the UK market leading Owl CM160 USB with built-in two year data storage and USB port, plus its little brother, the Owl Micro and the older but still worth considering Owl CM119.  Current Cost are represented with two monitors, the CC128 replacement EnviR and the TREC.  Both Current Cost models are available in black or white.  The Current Cost EnviR is the only UK monitor able to track the consumption of individual appliances, using their IAM plug-in modules.  Although no longer in current production, Efergy have two systems, the Elite and the e2,  a feature-packed wireless energy monitor with a built-in USB port.  Worth a look if you can find them.  Eco-Eye are the only UK based manufacturer and they have two current models; the Eco-Eye Elite and Eco-Eye Mini, both of which feature easy to read displays and detailed on-board history. Eco-Eye have an excting new model due for release this Autumn, which we've been able to take a sneak peek at - more news on this when we're able. For the style conscious, we have the stunning Wattson 01 with its glowing LED moodlighting, and the beautifully intelligent Onzo.

And now in 2011, we've seen the first monitor with the facility to track Gas consumption at the meter, the SaveOmeter from Eco1.  Although the opportunity to reduce gas consumption is limited, it's great to finally see a monitor which is capable of tracking monthly gas use and bills.

Whichever monitor you choose to buy, you'll find it right here at Electricity-Monitor.com with the best price and all the inside information to help you reach your decision.