Efergy e2 USB Wireless Energy Monitor

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Efergy e2 USB Wireless Energy Monitor

Feature Packed

This is the latest wireless energy monitor from Efergy, the e2.  It represents a big leap forward for the Efergy brand and offers features only found previously on much more expensive monitors.  The Efergy e2 is smaller and more compact than its sibling, the Elite, although the display has larger digits for the main values, making it easier to read from a distance.  As with the Elite, the e2 carries forward every single positive aspect of the original model, with significant improvements in many areas including vastly improved transmission range.  The Efergy's strongest point has always been its superior memory function.  The e2 has the same memory capability with easy access to figures on energy use by day, week, month, and year on the display unit itself.

USB Connection

The big news story on this new model from Efergy has to be the little USB connector on the back.  The Efergy e2 stores up to 8 months worth of hourly data in its own internal memory which can be quickly downloaded to a PC for more detailed analysis using the supplied eLink software and cable.  The eLink software will enable you  to develop a greater understanding of how electricity is being used within your home through graphs showing usage patterns, costs and carbon data.

Economy 7

All monitors in the Efergy range now provide compatibility with Economy 7 supplies.  The e2 features a multiple tariff facility which allows you to set a different rate per kWh for up to four individual time periods.  Please note that as with all wireless energy monitors currently offering Economy 7 compatibility, this feature is suitable for use with 'white meter' supplies but not the older style dual circuit installations where two rates are charged simultaneously overnight and it may be necessary to purchase additional sensors.

The e2 transmitter runs on a set of three AA cell batteries (not supplied) which according to the manufacturer should lead to significantly improved battery life.  The display unit requires three AAA cell batteries.  We advise the use of either Lithium batteries for extended service life or Hybrid re-chargeable batteries, both of which reduce the impact of waste on the environment.

Our verdict

The Efergy e2 is brimming with features and technology, making it an absolute Geek's delight.  We like the no-nonsense styling of the e2 and it feels solid to hold.  The little LED which flashes each time data is updated is a nice touch.  We know that many people have been waiting for a cost-effective wireless energy monitor with a USB connection and it's finally arrived in the e2. 

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Dave Hogg



Use with wind turbine

Just as with PV panels I soon found that when connected at the meter the device measures current in both directions and records consumption and production. I obtained a second device, the first is located on the turbine side of the connection and mea

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R Prendergast

Hemel Hempstead


Beware if you have Solar PV!

Prior to buying the energy monitor, I had solar PV installed at my house. Today, I noticed e2 monitor was showing consumption running at some 2 kW at a time when hardly any electricity could have been being utilised in the house. What I did observe,

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