The Efergy brand

In the Summer of 2007, Efergy UK Ltd became the second manufacturer to release a wireless electricity monitor to the UK market. At this time, the Efergy was the only monitor to feature a memory function making it an instant hit. The Efergy brand has now moved forward, building on the success of the original monitor with the new Elite model. The Efergy Elite wireless electricity monitor is part of a new range of Efergy branded products designed to help save energy in the home. We'll be featuring these new products as they are launched in the coming months. 

Learn to save energy

In common with all wireless electricity monitor systems, the Efergy Elite helps reduce electricity consumption in the home by enabling you to see exactly how much you are spending through an easy to read portable display unit. By seeing the immediate impact in pence per hour of replacing standard light bulbs with low-energy ones, switching off unnecessary devices throughout the home, etc. you are naturally motivated to save energy.

Intuitive memory function

In our opinion, the Efergy Elite memory function is the easiest to use from the current crop of wireless monitors. The Efergy records how much you are spending by totaling each day, week and month. The Elite's memory stores accumulated data from the past 7 days, 9 weeks, 12 months and 2 years, so you can really get to grips with the effects of your home energy reduction strategy over a sustained period of time. The figures are accessed and displayed in a very intuitive and easy to understand format.

Easy to connect

The wireless display unit is fed via a simple to fit transmitter which clips around your electricity supply. You set up the Efergy by telling it how much your electricity supplier charges per kilowatt hour from your most recent bill. Efergy provide a refreshingly well-written setup guide with their monitors, making it simple for even the most technophobic user to get their new monitor up and running in minutes.

Potentially save up to 25%

During field trials in the product development phase, some users reportedly achieved savings of an impressive 25%.

The objective is to reduce your ‘base level’ electricity consumption, which is the amount you are using at night when the household is sleeping and also perhaps during the daytime when the home may be unoccupied.  The Efergy may reveal some startling information about running costs of your 24/7 appliances like fridge/freezers, pond pumps and all those smaller items powered by DC mains adaptors.  Its worth noting that faulty appliances can use far more energy than their stated energy rating, so an old fridge may be costing you far more than you think.


Efergy Elite Wireless Energy Monitor

The new Elite is the second wireless energy monitor manufactured by Efergy for the UK market.  The Elite adds new functionality to the already intuitive memory function of the original Efergy with improved transmission range, greater accuracy, a crisp easy to read display and superior build quality.  New features include dual tariff capability for Economy 7 supplies, an at-a-glance figure for daily average consumption in £'s or kWh, today's and yesterday's average consumption guide in kWh, plus improved battery life.

We like the look and quality feel of the new Efergy Elite.  It carries forward all of the best features from the original Efergy with some major enhancements.  It's easy to set up and easy to use.  New owners of the Efergy Elite are sure to be impressed.

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Efergy e2 USB Wireless Energy Monitor


At last!  An affordable wireless energy monitor with a built-in USB port for easy connection to a PC computer.  The Efergy e2 carries the same intuitive and comprehensive memory function now synonymous with the Efergy brand, with improved transmission range, a bold easy to read display and excellent build quality.  The display of the e2 is clear and un-cluttered.  Although it appears to show less information than its Elite sibling, the most important figures are all still there including direct access to historic data in the memory.

We're very excited about the new Efergy e2.  Judging by the daily requests we receive for information on wireless energy monitors which can be connected to a computer for analysis, this monitor is exactly what many of you have been waiting for.

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Efergy - Extra Sensor (EF013 for Newer Elite/E2)

One single additional EF013 Efergy sensor.  For monitoring three phase supplies with the latest versions of the Efergy Elite and Efergy E2 you'll need to order two of these.  Compatible with the newer versions of the Efergy Elite and Efergy E2 wireless energy monitors only, having a 'headphone style' socket for the sensor.  TIP: If you are ordering additional sensors to go with an Efergy E2 you are buying from us today, these are the type you will need.  Additional sensors are excluded from the multi-buy discount offer.

Price shown is for ONE additional sensor.

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Efergy Plug-in Power Meter

This plug-in power meter from Efergy may not have as many features as some of the more expensive models, but it is usually found at a very reasonable price and covers all the basics. It can easily show you amongst other things: how much electricity the plugged-in appliance is consuming in Watts / KiloWatts, how much this costs per hour, the supply voltage at your home and how much electricity the connected appliance has used over time in kWh or pence.

  • Working voltage: 90-250VAC @ 50-60Hz
  • Power range: 0.2 - 3120 Watts
  • Current range: 0 - 13.00 Amps
  • Voltage range: 90 - 250 Volts
  • Cost per unit: 0.00 - 99.99 £/kWh

It's worth pointing out that in common with most budget plug-in monitors, this one has no battery backup, so you have to remember to take your readings before unplugging it.

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